About Me

I recently moved from Utah to Minnesota.  Once I arrived in Minnesota my boyfriend decided he wanted an upgrade in lifestyle which was a downgrade in living space by moving onto a boat.  Our home is a 33 foot, 1977 Carver Mariner, which is taking up a lot of time in renovations, mechanical work, and some tender loving care.  

Before becoming a boater my hobbies included cross-stitching, scrapbooking, running, dining out, and , of course, blogging.  Now I have become creative in storage, decorating, and learning to clean when one thing out of place makes the whole boat look untidy.

Some topics close to my heart are fitness, weight loss, family, sexual and domestic violence, dating, traveling, and new to the list is boating.  I am always looking for guest bloggers, items to review, and of course, some new ideas for my blog. 

I have a media kit available upon request.

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