Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weighing in Wednesday - Rockin Body Week 2

Fitstudio Fitness Rockin Body
Summary from for week of 1/25/15 to 1/31/15

Sundays are my day off and I love to rest, relax, and finish things that I didn't make time for in the previous week.  Do you have a day off from exercise?

Besides walking around stores, the neighborhood, etc, my main workout is Rockin' Body from Beachbody.  The workout is getting easier, I am not using as many modifiers, and I am sweating more than when I first started.  Each workout I am burning about 600 - 800 calories according to my fitbit. 

The reason I chose this workout is because it is made for beginners.  Shaun T, the instructor, shows all the moves (for the most part unless the camera zooms WAY in then I find myself lost) and he has Tania who does modifications for all exercises for people with injuries or simply cannot keep up.  I cannot always keep up and love that I can follow Tania (who is not always visible on screen)!

My plan is to continue using Rockin Body until it becomes easy.  Today was Week 3 Day 3 and there are nine more workouts.  I will finish the workouts according to the calendar then will start over again.  Maybe after the second time around, I'll be able to move on.

Do any of you have any DVDs that you recommend that aren't too long and I can just use my body weight as resistance?

I am NOT a beachbody coach and will not profit monetarily from this post.
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