Sunday, February 1, 2015

Resolutions Update for Accountability

Goals Plans 

I decided to share a few of my resolutions for accountability purposes and for that reason, I am going to post update: 
  1. Throw away the scale - it is depressing, it just tells me that I am fat, and doesn't help me with goals. I weighed myself twice.  I thought I was doing super awesome so I went to the scale for some reassurance.  I should learn that the scale never reassures!
  2.  Drink less soda pop.  I do not think it was meant to sustain life, but I have been using it that way.  I won't say I won't drink anymore, but I will drink more water. I think I've drank more water this month then I did all of last year.  I did have soda pop at least twice a week, but that beats twice a day!
  3. Don't enable myself to stuff my face.  I won't tell myself that it is all right and that I can start with a change later.  The change needs to happen now. This could use some improvement!  I have a strong emotional connection to food.  I did, however, start cooking more and sharing that responsibility with Justin.
  4. Stop the negative self-talk.  I would almost never talk about other people the way that I talk about myself.  It is mean and down right disrespectful and I don't deserve that clutter in my mind. I'm still talking trash to myself.  'Nuff said!
  5. Move more.  The couch and I are great friends, but it would be okay to get off of it and walk around more and maybe see what it would be like to do a crunch or a push up every once in awhile. I'm really happy with the amount that I have been moving.  There is room for improvement, but I'm ahead of where I was when I set this goal.
  6. Stay in touch with friends and family more.  I really DISLIKE the telephone, but it would not hurt me to email and send mail to people I care about more. I called my Mom more  :-)  That must count for something!
  7.  Save money This is a tough one.  Our grocery bill has increased because we are trying to eat less packaged food.  I'm not drinking soda or spending spontaneously so we are a bit further ahead. 
  8. Put make up on more - this will be easy as I think I may have done it five times last year. I put make-up on once this month, but not what I was hoping for!
  9. Get in more photos.  Due to my negative self-talk, I don't get into photographs.  This should stop and it will Toss up!  In January, we really didn't do anything photo worthy.  Maybe next month we can have some documented fun!
How after do you reflect on your goals?  What helps you to keep on track?
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