Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weighing in Wednesday: A Different Mindset

I've been at a standstill weight wise since I gained back the 40 pounds that I lost between October 2012 and April 2013.  I am thankful that I didn't gain it all back plus additional weight!

I was telling myself that it was okay, that I still look adorable, and that I know I can lose the weight. 

THEN the reality struck that my physical condition is not okay.  Now, I realize that some people are in perfectly good physical condition at my weight, but I am not.

I was in charge of watching my niece, who is three, while her mom went to work.  One day my niece was adamant that she did not want to get in her car seat and when I opened the door to the van, she bolted!  Fortunately, she bolted down the sidewalk and not into the street.  The sad part is it took me far longer to catch up with the speedy child than it should have! 

With this new realization that it is NOT okay, I got into a new mindset.  I am not exercising to lose weight.  That is not what matters.  I am exercising to get myself into shape so that I can run if needed, to be able to lift a child and run, if needed, and to be able to run at least one mile if my life depended on it.  Right now, I would sadly not be able to run away from anyone, not even a three-year-old!

After reading through different exercise reviews for beginners for strength and cardiovascular conditioning, I chose to start the Rockin Body DVDs.  I will be doing my Week 2 Day 3 workout today and can say that I am starting to catch on to the routine, but still find myself working out with the modifier at times. 

 So, here are my stats for Week 1 from Fitstudio that I synced with my Fitbit. 

Fitstudio Fitbit Rockin Body Workout
(I did move on Sunday, but I didn't start Fitstudio until Monday)

I took some photos before starting my first workout and my measurements.  I am hoping for some good results, but the best results will be when I am faster, stronger, and can go on hikes without feeling like I'll never catch my breath!

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