Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I have been lurking around the blogosphere and seeing many 2014 resolutions.  Resolutions are usually quite easy for me to make, but this year, with so much that has changed and will probably continue to change, I am not sure where to start.

My official New Year's Resolutions are:

1. Weight loss: Somehow, through moving, a lot of emotions and simply shoving food into my face, I have managed to keep off 16 pounds.  It is a huge breakthrough that I managed to see where this was headed and keep that much off.  I joined a gym, I am counting calories, and really hope to see a significant weight loss when I see 2015.

2. Travel: I LOVE traveling.  I'm hoping to get to Florida this year, but we will see how many pennys I am able to spend.  I'm also thinking Puerto Rico or the Grand Bahama Islands may be somewhere that would be good.  I've only been in the US and Canada and there is so much of the world that I would love to see

3. Organizing the boat: We have too much in the boat and such limited space.  It is a battle to try to get my boyfriend to downsize because he loves his electronics.  I think a 69 inch television is a little outrageous and a full sized desk.  My goal would be to have 32 inch television with some classy shelving on the sides (with doors) so I could shove some items in there to hide it.  If we could get a smaller desk, he could still have his two monitors, but it would give us more space to be able to organize better.  Organizing is difficult for me in any amount of space!

If I could somehow get these three things done in the next 12 months, I would be a happy camper!  I am trying to keep it at three because at least one of them should get done and then I could say that I had a 33 percent success rate!  It sounds much better than a tenth. 

What are some of your organization ideas for small spaces?  What would be a tip that I could try to make it a little less stressful?

Happy 2014!

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