Sunday, November 3, 2013

Car broken into and ailing men

Today was such a beautiful day at the marina.  I woke up to waves hitting the boat due to some gently blowing wind, then got ready for the day and went outside.  The sky was blue, the bright reds and orange leaves were as vibrant as ever next to the river, and the wind felt amazing and the sun was shining on me.  I commented to my boyfriend that today cannot get any better.  Those words sure came back to bite me in the glutes!

I went to get in the car and asked my boyfriend why he threw everything all over my seat.  He let me know he didn't (which you would think would settle me down a bit) and that is when I realized someone else had been inside our car.  I asked him why he didn't lock it and he was sure he did.  The next door neighbor came up within minutes and said that he found it strange that his window was down since he locked his car.

By this time I had noticed that the GPS was not on the dashboard.  Then I noticed the phone chargers weren't where they are kept, etc.  Sure enough, someone stole stuff from our car.  The poor neighbor nearly made me cry.  He has cancer, is by himself, and could not understand for the life of him why someone would do that to him, do that to us, just do it in general! I wished that they would have just left his car alone.  The police officer probably wished they had left our cars alone too since he had to file the reports...

Well, I slowly got past the fact that someone stole from me, the neighbor, and heaven knows how many other cars. I am not rich, I do not have money to replace the items that were taken from our car, but it was not the end of the world.  Things can be replaced!

A few hours later I got a message from my boyfriend's sister-in-law letting me know that his father's health is failing fast and that someone needs to let Justin know.  Well, I was brave for about 10 seconds on the phone with Justin when I called him to let him know that his father isn't doing well and he should call him.  After that I just cried.  I have never broke news like that to someone and I never want to do it again.

Today is one of those days that make me thankful that it looks as if I am going to have a tomorrow.  Because, tomorrow, if I continue breathing for the next several hours, will be another day to learn lessons and to make memories if I choose.

Tomorrow could also be the day where my boyfriend and I make a mad dash across the country to see his father and maybe say some last good byes. If we end up driving across the country, there will be much sadness, but somewhere along the way, a lesson of some sort will be learned.
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