Friday, November 15, 2013

A "Greener" Boat

My boyfriend has always wanted an energy efficient house to live in that did not cost so much in electricity and was friendlier on the environment.  As a result, he has researched ways to make this happen and figured our boat would be the perfect test ground.

In August, he put together solar cells that he had purchased several years ago and made a solar panel.  The one solar panel is enough to charge one battery on our boat.  The battery (besides making the boat engines run) also provides lighting, our water pump which pushes the water through for all plumbing needs, etc. 

This week he put up a windmill on the slip that we will be staying in for winter.  Our winter neighbors think it is pretty neat and we haven't heard any complaints about the noise it makes when it is spinning.  It is a whistling noise, but with a TV on, it cannot be heard. 

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