Monday, September 9, 2013

Recognize the Cycle of Abuse in Domestic Violence

Cycle of Abuse Domestic Violence

Millions of people worldwide are victims of domestic violence and think at some point the person they love will stop the abuse.  As much as I wish this was true, many perpetrators never stop the cycle.

Recognizing the signs and becoming educated on domestic violence and options not only saves lives, but encourages conversations and helps people become active in the fight to end domestic violence rather than stay bystanders.  Doing nothing is an option, but helping a friend, loved one, or acquaintance may be a better option.

Many people wonder why women stay in abusive relationships.  Sometimes staying is the only thing that is saving their life or living with an abuser is better than living in a shelter, without a way to support yourself, or for a reason that only the person being abused knows. 

To get help, or more information, and possibly volunteer please contact your nearest domestic violence agency.  For more information, please go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
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