Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trip to Mt Rushmore

road trip Mt Rushmore
Justin and I had the opportunity to go on a last minute road trip.  We left Minnesota Thursday evening and hopped on Interstate 35.  We merged onto Interstate 90 with some smiles and felt like we were finally heading somewhere.  We stopped for the night about ten miles into South Dakota and camped at Jellystone. 

The next morning I woke up and was eager to get on the road.  I let Justin sleep for a little bit then told him we should get up and going.  He begged, "Let me sleep for a little longer!" so I decided to give in and let him sleep.  About 30 minutes later I woke him and he was a happier camper.

We made it to Mt. Rushmore in the early afternoon. We were both excited as we were both within 30 minutes of this landmark at different points in our lives and were not able to stop and see it for one reason or another.  I am thankful that we were able to see it together.  We took some photos, walked a path, looked around a little bit, then got back in our car and finished the night at my sister's house in Wyoming.  If you are not good with stairs, I would recommend taking an elevator down to the Sculptor's museum and skipping the path.

With this trip I knocked number 11 off of my bucket list.  I felt accomplished! 

Mt. Rushmore was wonderful!  I never knew exactly what to expect, but as I sat and looked, I was awestruck.  The man who made this all come together wanted to do more, but was not able to due to lack of funding.  He was able to do so much with what he did do! 

If we had a little more time we would have explored the town around Mt. Rushmore and we would have loved to have camped in the Black Hills region.  It was a beautiful drive, beautiful scenery, and we had just enough time to enjoy the site.

road trip Mt Rushmore

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