Sunday, August 25, 2013

Epic Diet Fail - Review of New Year's Resolutions

I went into this year with a different attitude than I do most years and I was quite serious about making changes.  It is so easy for me to just rot away if I do not make goals.    So I wrote and blogged about my New Year's Resolutions and started with them pretty fast.

Weight loss was a huge part of what I wanted to do.  I was happy with my success and was doing well.  We need to see that I put this in the past tense.  From January to May I was kicking some butt and losing inches.  I had lost over 30 pounds and was feeling successful.  I had signed up for my first 5k and was making progress.

The thing that happened to stop the weight loss was that another one of my New Year's Resolutions was resolved.  I decided to not sit around and be single, but to go out and date more.  Opening my heart lead to a relationship that rekindled in February and is now going strong.  I have been enjoying the "getting to know him again" part of the relationship so much that I stopped running, stopped counting calories on Sparkpeople, and felt really good just being with him.

My budgeting was doing awesome.  Once again, that is past tense.  I was able to save, go on vacations, and still have money in the bank.  But, I wanted to be closer to the person I was getting to know all over again and so I moved to Minnesota.  We bought a boat and have been "sinking" money into that.

I had a talk with Justin about how I would like to not be fat and to be healthy.  He told me, "You look great!  You are happy!"  I let him know that I thought it was wonderful that he would say that, but I need a walking partner and to eat a little less.  He has been great with me and is not sabotaging me at all.  He understands that I like having someone to visit with on my walks.  He even suggested that we run together after I let him know that I really enjoyed running with my sister.  So far, we have not run because I am good at offering excuse after excuse.  I just need to get over running in front of my boyfriend and run with him.

I felt better when I was eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising more regularly.  I cannot blame my relationship, but at the same time, it is so much easier to not care when I am happy.  I am getting back to my fitness goals!

Once again, I am starting over!  At least I did not gain all the weight back!!  That is a small success.  Wish me luck on this journey as it is a long road ahead.  If you have any motivational websites or thoughts, I sure can use them!

I think I can... I think I can... needs to turn into I know I can!
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