Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Finally Named Her

The boat has a name, the Nauti Beast.  She has been a beast since we put her in the water three days ago and regrettably I do not have photos to show you the many different ways she has already been fixed.
Carver Mariner Nauti Beast
The Beast had not been out of indoor storage in three years and on the water in six years.  This was her making her first appearance in the sun in a long time on Monday.

 The back view of the boat with the fly deck covered in canvas.

The DIYer was taking the boat for a walk after she went into the river on Monday (three days ago).  She needed to be tied down while the inspection for leaks took place.  The mechanic went on board and declared there were no leaks.  A few minutes later I went on board and declared that the mechanic was wrong.  There were four screw sized leaks and the missing screws were put in and she is no longer a trickler.  Good thing for batteries and pumps!

 Home sweet home!  The engine compartment was opened for the first two days nearly every hour we were at the Marina.  Last night we think we made progress and the engine compartments should be able to remain closed for days on end.

Carver Mariner boat Nauti Beast
 The Beast is being tied down. We are in Slip 10, how much more perfect can she be if she gets the perfect 10?! 
And, of course, me.  My job was to smile and not cry... her leaking, the water not running, and a few other things made it less than a stellar moment for me, but each day, the boat is getting better.

We now have a water tank that is not leaking, a vent valve that is not plugged, and she ran on her own power two days ago, and today she may even run on two engines rather than one.  Now if we can do the pump out (waste being removed from the tank) I will be one happy boater!  The next project is Operation Hot Water Heater and with any luck, I will be able to report on the next boating update that we have hot water in the boat too.
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