Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Boat Project

My boyfriend came home one day and asked, "So do you want to move to a smaller place?"

 I unenthusiastically replied, "No!".

He was not done with the conversation and let me know that he had a wonderful idea.  Now, I've heard wonderful ideas and I can assure you that this is not one of them, but I let him continue.  After letting him finish and finding out that he was quite serious about giving up land for water; we started looking for a boat.

He did not want just any boat.  He wanted a CHEAP boat that we could fix up and eventually live in someday.  As he finished school and his internship, I hunted down every cheap boat that could be found.  With much luck, I found a boat that is within 15 minutes, it is inexpensive, but runs.

Now, the photos and why this project will last longer than I ever wanted it to:

Boat Sofa/Bed
I think when the boat was manufactured, people did not know what stylish meant.  The sofa is atrocious!  I did, however, sit on it in a moment of pure desperation and found out it is as uncomfortable as it is ugly.  We will need to find something that is comfortable, can be converted easily into a bed, and matches the style that we have. 

Some of the more observant people (okay anyone that is not blind) can see that there are no windows.  The DIYer is currently at the boat putting in the window.  I offered to help, but I don't think he trusts me with power tools.

Boat Galley Carver Mariner Kitchen
This is the kitchen (galley).  I wanted to run away and say, "Never mind, let's not move" when I saw it, but I was brave.  I am trying to talk the DIYer into a new counter top, a new sink, and extending the counter top at the back of the sink so I can have a dinner table.  We will see if he is a good listener!

Bedroom Cabin Carver Mariner Boat
This is the master bedroom.  Okay, you caught me in a lie, it is the only bedroom!  I think it is called a sleep cabin.  The bed is a 3/4 bed.  Imagine a bed that is 48 inches wide and about, oh, maybe 72 inches long.  I am only 64 inches long so that won't be a problem.  The problem with the bed is that it is actually foam on a rigid platform.  I have not been brave enough to lay down on it yet, but it has got to go.  The DIYer bought a Memory Foam mattress for it already.  We will see how that looks!  At least I will be able to pick out sheets that are not quite as hideous as what is currently there.

Head Bathroom Dirty Carver Mariner
This is the head that makes nightmares come true!  The shower is one that I wanted to cry when I saw it.  The toilet flushes and the sink runs!  There is some wood work that needs to be done in the bathroom and some serious sanitizing and mopping that will be done before I will do anything in the bathroom.
shower filthy Carver Mariner boat
Oh goodness!  I think the shower speaks for itself.  I went in, stood in it, and this is when the tears started to run!  I will never be able to shave my legs in a shower again.  I will have to clean the shower before I use it and I don't think the shower will ever come clean.  Maybe I will just wear some sturdy water shoes and ignore that the shower grosses me out! 

Fly Deck Steering Wheel Throttle Transmission Carver Mariner
I have no intention of ever driving the boat.  This is where anyone else will sit and take me leisurely down the river as I anticipate getting a hole in the boat and drowning. If you ever see a brunette wearing her life jacket while taking a leisurely cruise on the Mississippi, just yell out, "Hey Brenda!"  Most likely, I will say hi back!

The one thing that eased my mind a bit is that there is a hatch at the front of the boat (in the sleeping cabin) so if the boat catches on fire in middle of the night, while the guy bravely puts the fire out, I will get off the boat and run for my life without having to worry about making it to the back door.

This is one of the biggest adventures yet for me.  I am excited about living on the water, but nervous about freezing to death during the winter!  The cleaning will be fun, the renovations will be awesome, and many fun memories will be made on this boat.

But when vacation time comes, I want dry land to put my feet on!

I have been thinking of names for the boat.  "Don't be stupid, Moron!" isn't a favorite of the guy.  I think that "Brenda is awesome" is a little pretentious.  If you have a name for the boat, please leave a comment! 

The boat needs to be on the water on July 1st because the last day at the apartment is June 30th.  Wish us luck and come back for updates!  The boating project will continue until we decide boats suck or we build the mother ship.
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