Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Run this Month

My goal seemed reachable and the efforts in the beginning were commendable when I started at the New Year.  My sister was by my side and with her this running thing seemed possible.

Now I have moved 1300 miles to the East, the weather has been pretty miserable, and my thoughts have not been on running. I miss my running partner terribly!  The motivating factor to run was that today I weighed myself and was not thrilled by what I have managed to do with three weeks of stuffing my face.  It's time to start burning some pounds off.

Since I'm new to this area I got online and browsed for parks with walking trails.  There seemed to be three parks that are really close.  I used my GPS and it successfully brought me to a UPS distribution center.  Although the parking lot was huge, it was not exactly where I wanted to run.  I got back in my car for Take 2.  Let's just say that my GPS is not wanting me to run!

I decided that in this area that we have HUGE sidewalks and lots of traffic around so I decided even though I am not crazy about the idea of people seeing me run, I needed to suck it up and run!  I ran about a quarter of a mile and it felt really good!  I need to learn a pace to go that will allow me to run further, but heck, I finally ran!

It may take me awhile to get back to where I was, but I have faith that I will get there.  To all the runners out there, what keeps you motivated?  Does it ever get easier to run?
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