Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weight Loss Blues

Weight loss this week: .5 pounds

I have had so many ups and downs lately as far as weight loss goes and healthy habits.  Right when I think I am so good at this weight loss thing, reality kicks in.  I stopped counting calories thinking that I finally have this down.  I do not.  I still choose unwisely if I do not hold myself accountable by writing it down.  Granted, I am better off now than when I started, but I know I could be doing so much better.

It really is true; weight loss is a lifestyle.  I have been doing this since October and I still have many of the same struggles.  I still run to food when I am on an emotional roller coaster before remember that exercise gives me the same stress relief.  I wonder how long it takes to finally get this weight loss thing and not go back to the unhealthy habits?

If any of you have the answers, please let me know.  Sometimes I scare myself thinking I am going back, but the one thing that I have not done that the "old" me would have done is to totally give up.  I will have a few bad days then think, "I don't even feel good making those choices," rather than "Well, I totally screwed that up.  I stink and I will never be able to lose the weight." 

It looks like maybe I should pat myself on the back for not completely giving up and knowing that a few bad days don't need to lead to gaining all this weight back and then some extra.

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