Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting back into the Weight Loss Groove

Weight loss since last weigh in: 4.3 pounds
Total weight loss: 35 pounds

I skipped last week's weighing in and was thinking that I would do a lot worse than I did.  I had a gain of two pounds my last weigh in and "got even" by eating junk food for a week straight.  I felt pretty bad and remembered why I started eating better.

My boyfriend lives about 1300 miles away, so I went to see him.  He and I are in the beginning stages of the relationship, but we are still having fun.  I have to make better food choices if, or when, I see him again.  

I haven't been in a relationship in ages.  It was my choice.  When men would start to flirt, I would not be interested.  If a man was brave enough to ask me out, I would decline.  I think I did that to escape the hurt that I have felt every time a relationship ends.  I get stressed and either overeat or don't eat at all.

Back to the weight loss, I figured a few things out about me.  I will cave when it comes to making good food choices when people are visiting me or I am visiting them.  How do you overcome this?  I am a social eater.  That is what almost every special occasion involves.  I could use some pointers.

I'll give myself some pats on the back.  I'm still running and pushing myself further each week.  I still have yet to run a mile straight, but as the pounds come off, I know it will become easier.  I am also tickled due to being thinner than I was back in 2008!  Good things continue to happen and now I need to get back on the wagon and make even better choices.

How are your goals coming along?  What do you find most challenging about weight loss and fitness?
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