Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Miniature Trainer

 Weight lost this week:  Gained 2 pounds
Weight lost since October 2, 2012: 30.6 pounds

I cannot figure out for the life of me how I stepped on the scale and gained two pounds.  I had not done anything different, except drink a Monster on Wednesday.  The Monster drink was lo carb. 

This week I found myself in a "I don't care anymore" mode and am trying to snap out of it.  I gained two pounds, so what!  I don't want this to make me gain more weight.  I will live with the failures that I have had this week and will get back on my healthy kick.  I will weigh myself next week, but it will be quite depressing I am sure due to my bad food choices during my "I don't care" mode.  Why do we let ourselves get that way after a small gain?  Does anyone else do that?

I've been running longer than previous weeks.  Last night my sister and I brought her youngest son on the run.  I had decided I was going to run close to a half of a mile and time myself.  The little guy started running first and would turn around, stop, and wait for us to catch up.  He would yell, "Run faster!  Try to beat me!"  I just smiled and hoped someday that I could run faster. 

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