Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weight Loss is Getting Easier

Weight lost this week: 1.6
Weight loss since October 2, 2012: 28.2 pounds

A few weeks ago I was complaining about set backs, not losing the weight that the scales should have shown, and a few other things.  At times, this journey seems like it should just end with me at 139 pounds within the next week!  It would be impossible, but I grow impatient and think that is the fairness that life should offer me.

This week I came to a few realizations that I hope to remember.  First, life is not easy!  Even when things seem easy, the choices after that can be difficult.  Each day I would love to eat everything I have always wanted, but my body does not need those foods to be nourished.

The second lesson I have come to realize is that life is not fair.  Sometimes I get hit with things and I wonder who's Karma I have gotten this time while they are enjoying the good life.  If life were fair, we would all be rich, in great relationships, etc.  The reason I bring this into weight loss is that I have some friends who can eat all day long, hardly exercise, and they look fantastic.  I was not born with those genes and for this reason only, I will declare that life is not fair!

There is this guy that I kind of like and that is making this easier too.  I lose the first 25 pounds without thinking about this guy, but we all know what a new relationship can do for the weight loss.  We want to look better and feel better.  I'm not sure what is going to happen with the guy, but I will enjoy the benefits of trying to feel a little better and look a lot better even if things with the guy.

Running is not any easier.  I think since last Wednesday I may have run a total of five minutes.  I think five minutes is still good considering that all of last year I may have run for two minutes!  Where does all the time in a day go anyway?

Where are you at on your weight loss journey?  Have you found that weight loss has gotten easier?  I have been doing this since October, so I am grateful that it finally feels a little easier after all this time.

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