Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekend Gluttony

Weighing in Wednesday weight loss
Weight Lost this week: 1 pound

In October I decided it was time to do something about my obesity problem, but I knew I loved food way too much to call this a diet. When I started, I promised myself that I would be able to eat whatever I wanted and I would set my gluttonous habits aside for the weekends.  My first weekend that I counted calories, it was pretty disgusting the amount of calories that I consumed just knowing that I had all weekend to eat.  I stepped on the scales at the end of the week and I had still lost weight!  It was a win.

I still eat what I want on weekends, but something surprising happened.  My caloric intake is now about 1000 calories less than what I ate my first few weekends.  My body is starting to learn portion sizes and I feel full a lot faster than I had ever felt full before.  Honestly, I don't remember feeling full for a long time.  

My fitbit program lets me know how many calories I can eat.  I sync my fitbit and SparkPeople to help me know how much I should eat.  I eat anywhere from 1200 on a low activity day to 1500 on a higher activity day.   When I first started, I thought maybe Sparkpeople was trying to starve me, but now, some days I have a hard time getting in the 1200 calories.  It is still odd to me how a body can change over the course of months!

I am still running.  My sister is still my motivation.  Without her, I am pretty sure I would not have continued this torture running program.  This week I am supposed to run 1.5 miles each running day, but that is too much after my 3/4 of a mile running days.  I did run one mile today and I am happy with that.  We all know that is one mile more than I was running at the beginning of the year.

running mileage ticker

These next few weeks are important ones for me!  I should be at my first goal within the next three weeks and I am so excited.  I could use all the pointers, tips, tricks, and motivation that you are willing to share.
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