Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday: Sparkpeople

Weighing in Wednesday  
Weight Loss this Week: 1 pound

I absolutely love Sparkpeople {Click here} and owe them a huge thank you!  Without sparkpeople I probably would not have made the progress that I have made.  I am down 23 pounds since October and have tracked my fitness and calories nearly every day since I started (again) with sparkpeople.

A few of my favorite features of sparkpeople are:

1 - I can log in at anytime and see my progress in weight loss.  When you first start sparkpeople you give them some information, they let you know how many calories you should eat to meet your goal and the date that you will most likely get to that goal.  After the initial log in, on the home page, there is a section that shows you your weight loss up to date.

2 - They have  One of my biggest challenges is cooking low calorie meals.  There is a recipe for everything that I have searched for and have found new recipes that I would have never even thought of making.   

3 -  They have a whole community of people in the same predicament as I am.  They are a lot of different SparkTeams that a person can join based on their interest.  Every sparkteam I have joined has a challenge and lots of people that are willing to answer questions or be there to support you when it is needed.

4 - They have free exercise videos.  A few times I have wanted a workout, without going into the cold, and I have been able to find something to match my mood in the workout video section.  They are great workouts!

5 - They have a track your calories section.  This is my favorite section.  I can add a food by name and then it will search.  There are few foods that I have entered that I do not know if I am adding the right calorie amount (when I go out to eat), but I always find something comparable to what I have ate.  For example, I go out and get a cheesesteak hogie every once in awhile, but the place I go to is not one that Sparkpeople tracks.  I will find something that I think it comparable by clicking on the "see full nutritional info" and determine by looking at that which cheesesteak sub I should add.

If you decide to look around and join sparkpeople, for free, my username is BrownEyedBren.

Sparkpeople is not offering any type of compensation, but I have always thought a job well done deserves some credit.

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