Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday: Good things happened this week

Weight Loss This Week: 1.4 pounds

The Four Weeks to a Mile program ended.  Week 1and 2 were fabulous, Week 3 was difficult, and this week, I could not run a mile if someone paid me to.  I once again felt like I failed, but reality hit.  

I can run!  Even though a mile is out of reach, I can run!  This wasn't possible a few weeks ago!!  This week, with encouragement from my sister, I officially started the C25K program.  I was able to start at week three and I cannot tell you how amazed I was when I ran for three minutes.  Who would have ever thought that was possible when I laced up my running shoes the first week of January.

running ticker

To make things even better, the scale budged.  After looking at my diet, I realized that the soups I had been eating had 650 mg of sodium per serving.  I was eating over 1300 mg of sodium at one serving!  I was retaining so much water that it was impossible for the scale to move.  I only eat canned soups now on Monday and Tuesday since Friday is my weigh in day.

Getting rid of the negative thoughts that can so easily sabotage my plan to getting healthier is getting easier!  I wonder why giving up always seemed like the best option before?

How are all of you doing?  If you have a blog that focuses on your weight loss or getting healthier, please leave the link below and I will visit and cheer you along!  I believe all the encouragement from others really does help.

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