Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday: Disappointment and Defeat

Weighing in Wednesday  

Weight Loss this week: A Big, Fat Zero

I cannot tell you how defeated I felt when I stepped on the scale.  Last week I dropped a pound, the week before that was a little better, but this week, the scale did not budge.  Just to give the scale another shot at redemption, I stepped on it a few times.  Not a single budge from my last weigh in!  Then the thought came into my head that I have experienced numerous times before.  "Just give up, it isn't like your effort is showing" and for the first time after this thought, this thought popped up, "You can do this!  Maybe not in the time frame you were expecting, but you will lose that weight."

I was so disappointed because I started a running program a few weeks ago and really started watching what I was eating.  Why wasn't that scale budging?!  Why not just give up?

Well, I want to be healthy and I want to finally say, "I did it!"  I would like to see that smaller figure in the mirror again.  This is definitely difficult, but I can definitely do it.

The running was a little more difficult at this point in the running program which is run 300 meters and walk 100 meters and repeat three more times.  I ran my little heart out and I ran three 300s.  The fourth three hundred I broke into two runs, but I still did it and this is further than I was running when I first started.  I am proud of that small accomplishment!

Have you ever tried so hard and not seen the scale budge?  How did you get past the stubborn scale?  I could use any motivation you are willing to share with me!

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