Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday: Beginning Photo

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Weight Loss This Week: 3 pounds

I started running this week.  I haven't ran very far, but I am still really happy that I have started the process of running.  I found the Four Weeks to a Mile {Click Here} program and started, and surprisingly, I could run!  I wasn't sure how this was all going to work, but so far so good!  I am optimistic that this program will be perfect for me.

I am trying to be brave and decided to post the photo below which was taken on the first day I ran (January, 5, 2013) using the Four Weeks to Running program.  I am making a photo journal of my weight loss and will periodically post photos of my progress.  We all have to start somewhere with an exercise program.  This is my start!

Weight loss before photo

My reasons for starting to run are to make weight loss faster, as a coping mechanism to relieve stress, and to lose weight so my right knee will not have as much daily stress.  I have had three surgeries on my knee and it is almost always in pain.  

Are there any tips that you have to keep the running program going after I have reached a few of my goals?

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