Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top 5 Activities for Parents to do With Children

Speak to any parents of young children around the world and they will tell you they wish they could spend more time with their kids.  This is true even for the parents who give their children every spare minute of the day where possible. However, it is often difficult to keep children engaged and entertained at all times, which can often lead to both youngster and adult getting bored, and the television then ends up getting switched on.
We looked at five activities that parents and children can enjoy together, and will be unlikely to get bored of in a hurry.
Children love playing with their dolls and other toys, but rarely admit that they love doing this with their parents more than doing it alone. Getting involved as your child plays with their dolls is a great way for you to both bond, as well as give some learning opportunities to your youngster.
Parents can ask their children to tell them a story about their doll, or to explain why they chose to dress them in a particular manner, for example. Even simple interaction such as this can help to develop imagination and creativity in our kids, which in turn will make them more confident and expressive when they head out to school.
The media are constantly telling us that we need to get fitter, and that today’s children represent a ‘ticking time bomb’ due to the sedentary lifestyle enjoyed by many of them. Parents will often head out to the gym by themselves, while children will play sport with others of their own age.
Why not exercise together with your child? You can introduce some friendly competition and don’t have to do activities that are too intense – swimming is an excellent hobby for parents and children to take up together.
Get Arty
Another great way to get creative juices flowing is to get arty with your child. You don’t need to be a pro with an easel and a-board, a small canvas or even a simple piece of paper and some watercolour paints can lead to great fun and some excellent art work.
Watch Sports
Obviously, we mean live and not on the television, but whether you enjoy cricket, football, tennis, or something else, taking your children along to sporting events can be a great way to bond, as well as introduce them to a sport they may have seen on television and taken an interest in.
Learn Something New
If your children are a little older and perhaps even in their teenage years, you could perhaps take on a learning challenge together. It might be something such as learning HTML code on a computer, or you could decide to learn a foreign language at the same time as your child learns it at school.
The opportunities for parent/child activities and interaction are endless, especially if you think outside of the box and look beyond the norm.
This guest post was submitted by Kate Carson who works for A Girl for All Time which provides a number of age appropriate dolls for girls from the age of 6 upwards, including award winning dolls and keepsakes.
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