Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The song that describes my life #boostyourblog


"Rocket Girl" by Doc Walker is the song that pretty well describes my life.  Rocket Girl is always headed onto another adventure through travel.

I am happiest on the road.  I used to ask, "Can we just go on a drive and get out of the city?"  Once we were in the car and out of the known area, it felt like I was on an adventure, even if it was to the next town over for pizza.

Now that I am out West, I am looking for my next adventure.  I have headed to the Sierra Mountains in Nevada, to Zion Canyon, and a few other places and have a memory of each place that I share with people who are close to me.

What song would describe your life?  If you know me, do you think there is a better song to describe me?
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