Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten years from now #boostyourblog

Blog Challenge

I wrote a blog on this topic over a year ago and my thoughts on the next ten years has changed since then.  This is always a hard topic for me because I knew where I wanted to be today, ten years ago, and I am not even close to where I wanted to be.  With that being said...

I'd love to be a homeowner, but through my two marriages and divorces, that option quickly slid out of reach temporarily. It would be great to live somewhere out West, be close to my family, and enjoy the perks that home ownership offers.  I live with one of my sisters right now and the set up we have is quite awesome, so I am fortunate for that reason!

Professionaly, I would love to be making more money.  It would be great to be in a supervisor position, in the same company, and working with people that I like.

Spiritually speaking is a whole different matter.  I would love to start volunteering and helping people in need more.  This is when I feel the best about myself and the world that we live in.  I would like to get myself into a habit of praying more (in 10 years it should be doable, right?)

It would be great to be a mother.  I had a step-daughter once and she brought me some of the greatest joys.  I do not see myself being married again, but adoption would be great!  

The last bit may be personal, but I would like to be COMPLETELY debt free.  This includes student loans, credit cards, and car... I may have a little debt for a house, but I would hope to be able to have a huge down payment.  If I am debt free in 10 years, I'll be a happy little camper!  If I am married with a child in 10 years, that would be priceless!!
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