Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions for 2013

New Year 2013

First of all, Happy New Year!!

I have been thinking about my New Year's Resolutions for this year because in the past, I threw some together and not too much was accomplished.  This year, I really thought about the process of what I need to do to bring my resolutions from the point of creation to accomplishment.

At the top of my list, and something that I spend too much time thinking about, is weight loss.  I finally want to be the person that I know I can be both mentally and physically.  The mental aspect is a huge reason why I have gained weight and I need to become accountable.  The steps to losing the weight are:
  1. Exercise each day of the week.  I will combine cardio and strength training to better my metabolism and to make the weight loss go faster and become permanent.
  2. I will use the website Sparkpeople more frequently and will try to journal my calories even when I know I went overboard.  This website has helped me so much already!
  3. Sign up for a 5k to hold myself responsible.  My sister is willing to start the C25K program with me (couch to 5 k) and I know this will help give me a feeling of accomplishment.   

The next subject that is on my mind quite often is budgeting.  I have a great job, an income that allows me more freedom, and a great place to live, but my problem is, I find odd things to spend my money on.  I automatically send money each paycheck to a savings plan at work and to a savings account, so mentally, I must think that it is good enough by the way I blow the rest of the money.  The steps I am going to take to accomplish being able to save more money are:
  1.  I will utilize the envelope method of budgeting.  I automatically have certain things taken out of my checking account each paycheck, but I need the envelopes to help curb my expenditures with food, clothing, and odds and ends.  When the money is gone, I will not use my debit card for whatever else I want.
  2. I will track my expenditures for awhile to make sure that I am not spending unwisely.
  3. Once I have the spending figured out, I will be able to track more carefully and save.    
I have been thinking about my outlook on love.  I have loved so deeply and then been hurt and I have not put the pain as far behind me as I should have.  Heck, I am a good person that is capable of love and should not have created the barrier that I have when people have wanted to try to get to know me.   I have come up with a few different things that I can do next time someone is attentive:
  1. I will not completely shut down the idea of going out with a guy.  If a guy is flirting, being attentive, or whatever the brave soul may be trying, I will not completely shut him down and make him feel like a moron for trying.  (Does the train incident come into mind for anyone I shared that with?)  Oh man!!
  2. I may even try to blurt out the words, "Yeah, that might be fun!," rather than, "No, I think I will do what I do every night and be in my pajamas by the time the prime time shows come on!" 
  3. Last, but not least, I will go out to parks, get on the train, and do other things and be social with the opposite sex, rather than think, "Man, another guy who is just going to break my heart!"  
Last, but certainly not least, I need to stand up for people more.  This is something that I have thought about a lot over the last week.  You know when someone starts saying something about someone and it makes you feel uncomfortable, but you don't say anything?  That scenario has been happening more and more, but I sit there, in silence, not saying anything like, "That person likes you."  Or, "Maybe so and so is having a really bad day."  Or, "I just don't feel comfortable being in that conversation."  It is a gut wrenching feeling and I have to grow a back bone for this scenario and let people know I am not game for it any longer, from anyone.  If I have a complaint, I need to take it up with the person rather than doing the same thing.  I was in a training for conflict and the person called it the "BMW" wagon.  It's the wagon that we have all been on... it stands for:
  1. B word that you will never actually hear me utter (if you want to, you can utter it)
  2. Moan
  3. Whine
This usually happens when someone starts up with something along the line of, "That Brenda won't sit at her desk for more than five minutes and get work done."  Then the next person chimes in with, "What is her problem?"  Then for the next 10 minutes (Brenda was only gone from her desk for a little bit) people try to determine what her problem is and share Brenda's past with each other.  Then they see Brenda and say, "Hey, want to go out for lunch!," and sometimes even feel bad about the interaction, but never do anything to stop it.

I want to stop it!  I may not win any Ms. Popularity awards, but I am so tired of "getting sucked in" and feeling bad!

My list may seem simple to you, but I need to hold myself accountable and get these things done.  Then next year I can make resolutions for more things, rather than making most of the same resolutions year after year.

I hope that you are able to accomplish your resolutions and that you have a wonderful New Year!!

If you have any pointers that I may have missed that would help me accomplish my resolutions better, please let me know in the comments below!
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