Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Ran Today: Four Weeks to a Mile

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Part of my New Year Resolution is to continue the weight loss that I started in October of 2012.  I started this year 20 pounds lighter than the previous year.  I want to start 2014 in a normal weight body (aka Skinny!)

I was ambitious and found a C25K (Couch to 5 K) program that I wanted to start.  This is embarrassing, but after reading through the program, I realized that I could not run a 5k in 6 weeks no matter how well written the plan was.  I have never been a runner.  The biggest reason why I chose another program is that I am a quitter sometimes.  I quit when the challenge seems too overwhelming!  To prevent myself from quitting a program that would seem overwhelming, I went on a hunt for a program that would keep me running, but at a pace of a beginner that has never run!

I found the Four-Week Beginner Training Program to Run One Mile {Click Here to view the program} and looked it over.  For once, I found a program that was doable for someone like me that has a hard time trying to run!  This is a program that is at my level that will challenge me, but will not offer a challenge that I will not be able to achieve.

The great news is that today I ran a quarter of a mile!!

I have to thank my sister Angie, who is my motivation and also will run (snail run) at my pace!  I have watched her complete races that range from  5k to a Marathon! 
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