Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bucket List Update

The challenge was at Karina's Blog which I first stumbled upon awhile ago.  I decided to take her challenge and it has been a process thinking about what I want to do in this lifetime. I wrote my first bucket list over two years ago and after much thought, I want to add to it.  The additions will be in the color purple.

My Bucket List
blog bucket list

  1. Go to Greece - Greece has so much history, beautiful architecture, and islands!  I can see myself hopping from island to island, with my camera and a friend.
  2. Date more by seeking out single events - Dating is something that I haven't tried to do in a few years.  I figure that it can't hurt to start going to single's events, having fun, and maybe meeting a decent man.
  3. my
  4. Go to a Blogging Conference, perhaps BlogHer13 will be the one - I had BlogHer11 envy as I sat at home.  I have heard there are so many opportunities to meet wonderful people and brands at these events. 
  5. Visit Florida - I want to visit Disney World and Sanibel Island.  I think this would be a fun trip to take with my Mom, sisters, and nieces and nephews!  If any other siblings want to come along, that would be fun too!
  6. Visit Alaska in the summer time and fish for halibut - My grandfather loved Alaska and would always send halibut back to us when he was there.  I have wanted to see why he fell in love with Alaska and catch some Halibut of my own.
  7. Visit Hawaii and stay in a hotel on beach - Hawaii looks beautiful in all the pictures and television shows I have seen.  It would be nice to get a hotel on the beach and listen as the waves come crashing in!
  8. Go back to Savannah, GA and stay in the historic district - I have been to Savannah once and only was able to tour around the city for a few hours.  It was a city I fell in love with and have wanted to go back and stay longer.
  9. Get a full makeover including hair, make-up, and clothes - I would like to see what a professional could do with my hair, see what clothes would be most flattering, and learn more about make-up.  This would be something that I would remember for the rest of my life!
  10. Go on  a cruise.  I have been looking at cruises to the Caribbean and hope that this can take place soon.
  11. Run a 5k.  Most people would not need to put this on a bucket list, but I can assure you, this is something that will not come easy to me.
  12. Go and see Mount Rushmore. I was within 30 minutes of this once on a road trip, but as things turned out, it was not something I was able to do at that time.  Since then, I have always wanted to go back!
  13. Get a professional spa treatment.  The only facials, waxings, etc I have ever had were at a beauty school.  I want to go to an actual spa and get a facial, pedicure, and massage!  I came so close at the Peppermill in Reno, but I cancelled it. 
What are some things that you want to accomplish in this lifetime?  I hope to see some of your bucket lists because it really helps to pinpoint what we want to do!
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