Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sometimes Do You Just Hear Blah, Blah, Blah?

Today I was in one of those moods where I wanted to stay home from church, but knew it was important to go and once I got there, was eager.

The first talk was on families and how we should get along no matter how annoying or pesty people are.  The second talk was on Tithing and the importance it plays in getting to know our Heavenly Father better that way.  It was a great talk.  But then...

Blah, blah, blah, reverence, blah, blah.  Reverence is a great topic and one that I constantly am working on to be better off emotionally and spiritually.  Reverence is something that I have a hard time with.  This talker did a pretty horrendous job on the topic by mentioning that children that mutter any words are taking away from the spirit that others are feeling and mentioned that we should remain silent.

My views are A LOT different than the speakers.  I wanted to go up and ask her a few questions.  "What would Jesus think of you telling children to be silent and that parents should make them be? Do you think Heavenly Father would lose any part of the spirit if a child was talking next to him?  If I had a question, would it be wrong to lean over and ask you, or should I raise my hand so I can humiliate myself in front of everyone rather than just ask you?"

I think that someone that reaches out to me to make a statement deserves an answer, whether I am in church or not.  They may not feel comfortable raising their hand in a church setting.  I have only felt, rarely, that someone talking to me was making it difficult for me to concentrate.  Even though I could not concentrate, I still felt that the person deserved the respect of an honest answer. And, I still felt the spirit as the person was talking.

So, during this particular talk, I was happy that I have the ability to hear blah, blah, blah, reverence, children, blah, blah. 
The basic lesson that I have learned from years of attending church are:  Love everyone, do not make them feel bad about their weaknesses, and love people regardless of their faults. Children will be children at church and at home; embrace that idea and love the nature of the child!  Remember, we all were little once too and I am so thankful for a patient mother and father that kept attending their meetings even though sometimes we got a little too rowdy
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