Monday, November 7, 2011

Post from the Past: Awww... the Joys of Not Being a Teenager Anymore

There was a lot that I thought I knew when I was a teenager.  I mean, just being a teenager entitled us to a super knowledge that no adult could possibly have! I was thinking A LOT last night and for some reason I went back to my teenager years and am so thankful that I know a few things that I know now.

The Things that I know Now are:
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  1. Kissing boys isnt' as cracked up as I made it out to be.  At this stage, I don't need to flirt with a man to feel important, there are better ways to spend my hours during the day.  Maybe a little flirting wouldn't hurt though.
  2. My Mom is right A LOT!  I used to just think that somehow she popped into adulthood and skipped the whole teenage thing.  Sure enough, she lived from infancy on and gained some experience that has helped me tremendously!
  3. I was not fat as a teenager!  I remember looking at my 120 pound body and starting to run... wow... now I am not even sure I could run!  I have learned to appreciate my body at different stages of gaining and losing weight.
  4. Respect is a two way street!  I always thought people should have respected me more as a teenager.  I was a blunt, disrespectful being for 3 years of my life and am surprised no one squashed me!  (Thanks family and friends for letting me live into adulthood!)
  5. The last thing I learned is that I should have respected myself more!  I didn't have much self-esteem or respect for myself and have learned that if I do not respect myself, no one else will.  We need to learn to be happy with ourselves and then, finally, at last, other sane people will be happy with us too!
What are some things you have learned since becoming an adult that you wish you would have known as a teenager?  

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