Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Falling in Love...

It's true... I'm definitely falling in love with Utah!  I moved to Utah from Southwestern New York State in March of 2011 swearing that I would only stay until my sister had my niece and was settled in.

My sister had the baby in the first week of October and I started work the last week of September.

I love the commute and really enjoy the job.  Once again, I have been blessed with great co-workers and an amazing supervisor.  I am there as a temp, but if a full-time position opened up, I'd take it and perhaps even move closer to work when things fell into place.

Northern Utah has a lot going for it.  The Public transportation is phenomenal, for the most part, and it did not take me long to get a job once I started looking.  The medical care has been great and I appreciate the clinics for people without insurance.

There is so much to do in close proximity to where I live.  There is a nice sized mall, some great food, and many trails.  There is plenty of free things and low cost things to entertain myself.

I look forward to exploring more of Utah and seeing what else can be offered.

Have you moved and thought you wouldn't like it, but fell in love?
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