Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bucket List: Post from the Past

A blog I was recently on discussed a bucket list, how to start one, and challenged other bloggers to make and post their bucket list.  The challenge is at Karina's Blog which I first stumbled upon about a week ago.  I decided to take her challenge and it has been a process thinking about what I was to do in this lifetime.

My Bucket List
blog bucket list

  1. Go to Greece
  2. Date more by seeking out single events
  3. Go to a Blogging Conference
  4. Visit Florida
  5. Visit Alaska in the summer time and fish for halibut
  6. Visit Hawaii and stay in a hotel on beach
  7. Go back to Savannah, GA and stay in the historic district
  8. Get a full makeover including hair, make-up, and clothes
More will be added in the future, but I would like to cross some off soon!
What are some things that you want to accomplish in this lifetime?  I hope to see some of your bucket lists because it really helps to pinpoint what we want to do!
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