Friday, November 4, 2011

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Your Home {Guest Post}

Don’t let your tightened purse strings hold you back from having a fabulous home. A little motivation and creativity can go a long way in making your house or flat a more inspiring place to spend time. So, if your home could do with a spruce-up but you’re watching the pennies – here are a few great ideas!
  1. Revamp your wood 
  2. Wood stain is a brilliant way to make your old wooden furniture look new again. It’s an inexpensive way (tins can be as little as £10) to revamp tired looking tables, chairs and cabinets. Weather resistant wood stain can also be used on outdoor patio furniture and fencing to give it a face-lift. 

  3. Dyeing for a change?
  4. Rather than splashing out on brand new drapes, curtains or cushions – why not try a spot of dyeing? Dylon dye is a well-known brand and comes in a vast array of colours. You can buy specially designed dyes that can be used in your washing machine, making it so easy to dye larger items – such as throws. 

  5. De-clutter
  6. Removing unnecessary clutter from a room is one of the best ways to make it more inviting. Try to have clear-out every six months and take any unwanted items to a charity shop. Also, perhaps make a feature of your storage – decorative wicker baskets or colourful stackable boxes are widely available and cheap to buy. They look great and can keep all your odds and ends out of sight.

  7. Original focal point
  8. Not everyone can afford expensive pieces of modern art. However, if you have some creative flair, why not try making your own? Vibrant, colourful fabric pulled tightly across a wooden frame can give an interesting centrepiece for a blank wall. Alternatively, buy several different sized blank artist canvases and paint them a variety of different colours. You can then arrange them as you wish to give splashes of colour around your room.

    If you’re not confident making your own, try Ebay or Art Republic for a great range of affordable prints and original work.

  9. Customise
  10. Rather than buying lots of expensive accessories for your home, look out for cheaper, plain items that you can customise. Glass jars, boring boxes and unadorned candles can all be made a little more special with beading, jewels, fabrics or even other everyday items.

    Obviously, the ideas above are small, simple suggestions to help rejuvenate your home. If you opt for a larger scale project, remember to consult your house insurance provider. Large DIY projects and home modifications may have insurance implications, so it’s a good idea to talk to your insurer about your home improvement plans.
This article was written by Policy Expert who are insurance specialists, providing house insurance to homeowners in the UK.  You can use their website to compare quotes and buy online.

I was not compensated in any way for allowing the guest post.  
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