Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weighing in Wednesday {Link up}

Week Six

I am so proud of me for getting out nearly every day during the week for a walk.  Today, I walked for nearly a mile.  It is the longest I have walked since my knee surgery and it felt wonderful!  I hope to get out for a walk every day that is it still nice out.

Watching my food intake has taken a nose dive.  It seems the busier I get at work, the worse I feed myself.  Eating out is a killer, but I continue to do it for myself.  I do not like warmed up food that much, but I am not too knowledgeable about picking out healthy "to go" foods.  I sure could use some help with that one!

You would all be impressed with my water intake lately.  I have not missed a day this week with my water intake.  I, however, did not go a whole day without drinking pop.  What is it about pop that is so hard for me to give up? 

My goal for this week is:

Go one day without any soda pop

It would be a huge step for me to go one day without any soda consumption whatsoever.  If I can go one day, then maybe I can move it up to more soda pop free days.  People say that it was a big step in their weight loss progression, but I am having a really hard time giving it up this time around.  Maybe I crave sugar more than ever?  Who knows?!

Please link up so we can build a support system!  Research has shown that people that have a support system lose and keep off more weight than those that do not support.

If you would like to link up for Weighing in Wednesday:
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If you want to grab the button, that would be great, and if you don't, I'll still stop by to read your post. 

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