Monday, October 10, 2011

Sisters are Meant to be Together: 30 Day Challenge - Day 28

Something that I Miss

my twin and her son
My Twin Sister and Her Son
When I made the decision to move West with my sister and her family, I also made the decision to leave my twin sister and the rest of the family behind.  

As much as I miss my dad, my brothers, other family members, and my dog, I really miss hanging out with my twin sister, Susan, and her son.  It was Susan that made me decide that I wanted to blog.  She writes at We Share with You and I wanted to write too.  

On the weekends, I would visit my hometown and we would go out somewhere and enjoy ourselves.  Her son has the same taste in food as I do so it was always easy to persuade him to.  Some days, the little guy and I would head out on a fun time (he refused to call it a Aunt/Nephew date) and enjoy ourselves, get some food, buy him a little something, and head home.

Susan is trying to sell her home.  I cannot wait until she moves out West so that we can see each other a lot more!

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