Sunday, October 23, 2011

Highly Recommended Blogs that I Read Often

There are many wonderful blogs out there, but I wanted to share with you some of my favorites that I would highly recommend for good reads and/or good giveaways. These blogs are in no particular order... all are written by some great bloggers!  There buttons can be found in my sidebar under "Stalk these Blogs" if you don't have time to read the blogs now.

Busy Working Mama is written by Aleks.  She is funny, interesting, has great blog content and awesome giveaways.  She is great about sharing pictures with her Wordless Wednesdays and has great home project blog posts with her Handy Hubby.  She has recipes and one of my faves is the Saltine Toffee (although I haven't tried it yet.)  She has helped me out tremendously by offering encouragement and giving me pointers. 

Bewildered Bug is written by Serena.  She has occasional giveaways, great blog content, and is coming up with great ways to have people guest blog.  She is currently having weekly Too Far Away Fridays and Mental Health Mondays.  Serena was my first blog buddy (outside of family) and has taught me quite a bit about content, sacrifice, and sticking up for those things you believe in.

Hines Sight Blog is written by Leigh.  She has a wonderful since of humor and makes you feel like you are right there with some of her experiences.  Her Travel and Leisure posts make me wish I had more money, more time, and the ability to just drop things and go.  She has featured wonderful destinations that I have seen in the past and her current destination made me dream of leaving for a vacation.  She writes on a variety of subjects and always has an upbeat attitude about life.

We Share with You  is written by my identical twin sister, Susan.  Her blog is one that I read quite a bit because I related to the content (most of the time) and respect when we have differing ideas.  She isn't afraid to say what is on her mind like her "Answer to Mr. President" post.  She offers occasional giveaways and always leaves the reader with some food for thought... and she really appreciates comments!

My kids, My Husband, and I  is written by my slightly older sister, Angie. Her blog is family content to let people know what it is like raising four children and a little about married life.  She blogs about daily living and parenting issues.  I love reading her blog to learn more about her idea and to see how she, and the family, is doing.

If you write a blog, what is the URL?  What are some of your favorite blogs that you would like to recommend and why do you enjoy reading them?  I think most of us are always looking for some great reads!

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