Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Time: Make it Count

Here are some ideas for activities to do with children:
  1. Play a board game
  2. Go to a Park (if it happens to be warm where you live)
  3. Watch a cartoon and interact after the show
  4. Get out some paper and draw a picture.  Talk about the pictures.
  5. Ask the child for a list of things they have always wanted to do.  Pick out something reasonable to do from the list.  
  6. Get in the car and drive around, explore your city/town together.
  7. Go on a walk together.

I am looking so forward to today.  My Mom and I are planning a day out with my nieces and nephews (her grandchildren).  It is going to start with a trip out of town to try something delicious at a pizzeria that we have heard some good things about.  After we finishing filling ourselves up, we are planning on taking the children to a movie that my Mom appreciated, "Dolphin Tales". 

It has been wonderful to be able to visit with my Mom these past few weeks.  My sister recently had another child and Mom flew out to help her with the little one.  We have had a chance to visit, reminiscence, and to share some laughs!  The children have enjoyed having their grandmother around because she is a lot of fun and lets each of them know how much she adores them.

Family is so wonderful to have around.  My family has been there to support me when times have been rough and never forgot to tell me how much I mean to the family.

I know not all families are wonderful.  I have had direct experiences with people who said that they would have been better off not being born.  It is sad to hear that because children deserve to be loved.  Some children may require a little more patience, but it is still the responsibility of the parent to give the child the love and attention that is needed to thrive. It is so easy to forget about the little ones and to carry on with our daily duties, but remember, children need to learn about life from someone.  Even if you do not have much time with them, the quantity of time is not as important as the way that you choose to spend it with them.

I do not have children, but as I write this, I think of my responsibilities as an aunt.  I can surely take some responsibility in making sure that my nieces and nephews know, without any doubt, that they are appreciated as a part of this family and on this Earth.  I know that some days after work, I do not give them the attention that they want and I have been thinking a lot about that.

My nieces and nephews all have wonderful parents who love them and let them know.  It still makes sense to me that they have an added support system.  Now should be a good time to stop shirking my responsibilities as an aunt due to my changing work hours and start having some fun times with the little people in the family. 

Bring on the fun times!!
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