Sunday, October 2, 2011

Education: 30 Day Challenge - Day 20

How Important I Think Education Is

My views on education are my own and from my personal experiences.

I remember the day I started kindergarten.  My Mom walked my twin sister, my sister, and my brother into the school and brought us each to our classroom.  I remember meeting Mrs. McCormack (I really do believe that is her name)  Man, I loved that classroom and was hooked to grade school.  What kind of cool teacher had a magic pencil that would magically have candy in it if we were on our best behavior?  That was Mrs. McCormack.

Once I got into middle school, I realized there were grand sized idiots running around.  I loved learning, but I disliked being mocked and bullied without the grand sized idiots teachers doing anything.  There were one or two that would say something, but not nearly enough. 

By the time I got into high school, I didn't like the learning process as much.  I did my homework, I did my tests, but my spirit had been broken.  I neglected to attend graduation ceremony.  Instead, I left town a little early and headed across the country to start working on my Associate in Early Childhood Education.

College changed my outlook on education.  I was hooked and loved every minute of it!  I decided that Early Childhood wasn't for me a semester into it and changed to Professional Preschool Education.  The teachers were amazing and supportive, the classes were informative, and learning was once again fun.

I realize now just how important an education is to a better life.  I know that there are millions of people who did not graduate high school that are making money, even more than did not graduate college, and millions of college graduates that are unemployed.  

A college education does not necessarily mean a higher income or a better job.  The reason I am in favor of education is because of the experiences that are presented, the knowledge that is learned, and being informed about different ideas and thoughts.

The process of education teaches many people to think for themselves, to form their own opinions, and to test those opinions out.  I think if there were more educated people in this country that there would be more resources used and more productive thoughts to end a lot of the ongoing problems that we have.

Do you think that an education is important to have?  Why or why not?

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