Saturday, October 1, 2011

Biggest Regret: 30 Day Challenge - Day 19

My Biggest Regret in Life

With my biggest regret in life I also learned a great lesson.  It's all right to "hurt" someone's feelings!

I met a man that I had corresponded with online and "got to know".  We exchanged pictures, thoughts, beliefs, and what we were looking for in a partner.  It finally came time to meet!  Since I didn't like the idea of long distance relationships back then, I gave my notice at work, bought a plane ticket, and flew to Oklahoma.

I was so excited to meet him, but shortly after meeting him, I started to feel that I made a mistake by not just making this a weekend trip.  I should have returned home rather than staying, but I did not.  Instead of returning home, I spent more time with him and put my patience and a few other things into check. 

I spent more time with him and grew attracted to how calm he was, to how attentive he was, etc.  Then we got married soon after meeting, and since we are talking biggest regrets, I will tell you something that hardly anyone knows.  I married him 2 weeks after meeting him!  Now remember, this is my biggest regret and I realize how STUPID this was.

After we were married, he moved in with me and I realized he was more addicted to PC and PSP games than he would ever be to me.  That was all right, I made a mistake and I had to live with it.  Soon enough, he would be flying to Iraq to fight in a war and I would be returning to my hometown.

The weirdest thing happened.  I fell in love with this man.  I found him handsome, but not so attentive, I found him calm, but not communicative, and I wanted a family with this man.

He flew off to Iraq, he found someone else, and is now married to another woman...

This is my biggest regret for a number of reasons:
  1. If something feels wrong, then it probably is.  I should have went back home.
  2. NEVER move just to be with a man
  3. I am more important than a video game
  4. Marrying someone that you don't know is just STUPID
Online dating can be wonderful!  My sisters are both married to people they met online and have been married for over a decade.  They had the opportunity to get to know the people they were marrying.  Just don't be stupid like me and think you know someone from their words.

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