Friday, October 7, 2011

Are you Addicted to Social Media and the Internet? Five Signs that Suggest You Could Be {Guest Post}

I want to give a huge thanks to Leigh, from Hines-Sight Blog for taking the time to write this post!  I hope that you find it as humorous as I did!  I could definitely sit there and nod my head in agreement!
Hi, my name is Leigh.

My husband says I’m addicted to social media and the Internet.  I’m not sure I agree.

They do say the first step of any addiction is acknowledgment, right? 

So here I am.  Admitting to all of you that I could have a slight problem.

I think it’s barely an addiction. I mean on a scale of one to ten, I’m probably just a two.  I’m barely a two.  So what if all five things have happened to me once in awhile.  These things happen to everybody, don’t they? I’ve read that motherhood makes you lose brain cells. So what if I forget things? It’s not the computer making me do it, or is it?

Here are the top five signs that suggest perhaps you could be addicted to social media and the Internet:

  1. No matter if you are going upstairs or downstairs or to the kitchen or garage in your house, you find yourself on a path that always takes you by your computer for a quick social media/email check. What’s a quick check? Five minutes and one Facebook status later, you wonder where you were going in the first place, so you just continue to sit there.
  1. When you write a check, you try to put an @ by the person or organization’s name you are paying.
  1. You decide to take a quick Internet break before clearing the dinner table and doing the dishes after dinner.  After cooking a meal and listening to children whine during dinner about the meal, don’t you think you deserve a little break? Twenty minutes later, when it’s time to read your child a bedtime story, you walk in the kitchen and see a bunch of dishes.  “*&%*, I forgot there were dishes in here.”  Oops!
  1.  You look for a “Like” button on the grocery store debit/credit machine instead of “enter,” and you look for a “pin” button on your car dashboard when you see something you like out of your car window as you drive down the road.
  1.  You start talking to your children in 140 characters or less. 
Stop that Now!
Time for dinner!
Go brush your teeth.  Hey Baby Diva.  RT: Go Brush Your Teeth!
Time for Night-Night!
                   Go cover yourself back up.                           
                   Get back in BED. Mommy is on the computer now.
Did you hear me? RT: Get back in BED. 

6.        You would rather attend a Friday night Twitter party than a party with real people.  Wait!  I said only five things.  Oh, no! I may be in trouble.So, what do you think? Should I get an iPhone?  That’s not going to make me any more addicted, is it?

Leigh Hines is the editor/founder of the Hines-Sight Blog.  When she is not on the Internet, she is running ragged after two children under the age of five.  Having her last baby at 40, Leigh believes that motherhood keeps you young and half-crazy.  This former TV news reporter and communications executive blogs about parenting, travel and leisure, her luxury hotel obsession, cooking, and a lot of THIS and THAT.  You can also find Leigh on Twitter, Facebook, and now Pinterest
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