Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work: Thursday Two Questions

I have been unemployed since March 11, 2011.  I resigned my job in Pennsylvania and moved to Utah a week later.  I knew I would need knee surgery and so put off getting a job until after the surgery.  I was not sure how a company would feel hiring me just to lose an employee for three months to recover.

The job search was not all that bad for me and I was able to find a job with the 2nd resume I sent out after surgery.  I was quite fortunate when it came to that aspect.

This may be bad to admit, and even worse that I am doing it online, but I really enjoyed staying at home and playing with my niece and nephews while their parents worked.  It was stress-free and I was around people that I dearly loved every minute of the day.  I am going to miss hanging out with the youngest (3-years-old) and bringing him places almost every day.

He was the most patient with me.  His siblings (ages 7 and 8) were able to play outside without too much supervision, but Abe was stuck inside with me because I had a hard time walking after the surgery.  Every once in awhile we'd get in the car and go to Burger King, or a park, so he could play and I wouldn't have to worry about chasing him down.

I have always assumed that most people enjoy the work they do.  I know I loved my previous job, and if it weren't for my family relocating, I would still be there.  Now, I am curious, if other people would rather stay home or not.  Due to this curiosity, I have the following questions:
  1. What kind of employment do you have and do you enjoy it?

  2. If money grew on trees, what would you do instead of work, or would you still want to work?
Wish me luck on Monday!  Hopefully I will make it through the 40 hour work week!

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