Friday, September 9, 2011

SEO Tips for Blogger

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for websites to use.  I have found that blogger is not a friendly interface for placing SEO into the html.  There are some things that we can do with a little work to make sure that search engines are able to pick up our blogs easier and keep track of them.

**Before changing your template, save a backup copy.  Remember to backup after each step**

Alt tags: The alt-tag is important so the search engines will know what the picture is.  They cannot detect images but can detect the alt-tag that you place in the html.  One webpage states to use one keyword only, but I have read other sites that state that you should use 3-7 words such as "old man blogging" rather than just "blogging".  You can find out how to add the alt-tag for images at or

Meta Tags: The Meta Tags are important because they provide additional information to search engines about your website.  Meta tags are not viewable unless someone looks at your page source information.  Blogger does not include important meta tags such as description and keywords. There are hundreds of websites that show different ways of doing the same thing.  The one I used is and another explanation and tutorial  is at

Title Tag: The title tag can be adjusted so search engines can see the post title before the blog title characters.  As much as we appreciate our blog titles, we need the search engines to pick up the title of our post.  This was one of the easiest fixes I had to do up-to-date.  You will see the change in the browser tab from "Blog Title" then "Post Title" to "Post Title" then "Blog Title".  You can find out how to do that at

Analyzer: Now that you have done all this work, it's time to see how search engine friendly your website really is.  I used SEOcentro (a free tool) and played around with my meta tags until everything was good.  When I first started my keywords were pretty bad for my blog's content.  I reloaded the website after each fix and after three reloads everything was search engine friendly.

It took me a few hours to optimize my blogger layout due to all the pictures needing an alt tag, but I am glad that I learned what to do.  If this has helped you, please let me know and share it with others using the toolbar buttons below.

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