Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Satisfaction: 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

Before we get started, today is a pretty important day.  My twin and I turn 36 today!  I'd appreciate it if you stop by Susan's blog and say Happy Birthday to her!  It is always an exciting day, but this is one of the few years we have spent our birthday apart. 

A Moment I felt the Most Satisfied with my Life

I always try to lead my life in a way that I will not have any regrets and be able to learn from my mistakes.  This is a difficult prompt because I have had a hard thinking of one moment to share with you all.  I have had many significant moments with proposals, hope, love, and friendships.
The moment that I have felt the most satisfaction and knew that my life was great was a few years back.  The circumstances were not great, but it was one of the first times I really recall someone standing up for me, actually a whole group of people

My sisters, parents, nephews, niece, and a few other people were watching a softball tournament.  My brothers get into a few each year and this was just another day of sitting under some shade enjoying one of my favorite past-times.  As we cheered on the good hits, an opposing player was getting more and more bothered.  He started heckling us, telling us off, and we told him to stop, my parents told him to stop, and a few of his teammates told him to stop.

Finally, he had enough when a ball went right passed him and we cheered on the player who hit the ball, the players that had scored, and the team as a whole.  He stopped paying attention to the game and told my sisters and I that we should die and a few other things.  My sister went and told the umpire and my brother.  The game stopped there!  My brother went out, a few other teammates went out, and this guy was frightened.  Fortunately, we have a calm team that does not believe in assault, but this guy did not know that.

The potty mouthed, cruel softball player was ejected from the game, then when he could not stop, was escorted off of the property.  The game continued and our team won!  The player's team came and apologized later and offered no excuses.  

My brother came and told us, "I can't believe he told you guys to diet, that made me so mad!"  All of that was over my brother not understanding the guy told us we were going to die and he would find us a way, but he thought the guy was calling us fat! 

That renewed my faith in life knowing there were people that would stick up for me and my sisters!

Have you ever been in a circumstance were you could have used some back up, but it did not come from a loved one?  I had been there in my life, with a spouse, and maybe that is why that day meant so much to me.  I had never been in a position quite like that to know how the public would deal with that situation or how family members would deal with a situation in public.

This day brought me happiness after some anxiety... what brought you happiness or satisfaction?


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