Sunday, September 4, 2011

Post Surgery Update at Week 6

As many of you know, I had knee surgery on July 19th after waiting for Worker's Comp and the Doctor to get all the paperwork together.

Surgery went well and my knee was feeling better soon after surgery than it had been feeling for years.  Since this was my third surgery, I was not expecting much, but this doctor did a good job!  It hurts less now than it did before and after the previous two surgeries.

my knee surgery
photo from stock.xchng
At physical therapy last week, we found out that my knee is not sliding up and down, but rather it is going up, sideways, then down again.  Some tape was put on and the pain subsided immediately as I was doing many of my exercises.  This made me much more comfortable and able to do the exercises because when I am in pain, it is a huge deterrent to keep doing the thing causing pain.

On Monday, I woke up happy because I had finally received my first compensation check from Worker's Comp.  Going six weeks without any money was quite difficult.  The happiness was short lived because I received a call from the Physical Therapy agency stating that my Worker's Compensation Case Manager has not communicated with them since therapy started and I may be responsible for the balance if the Case Manager does not contact them soon.

I canceled the appointment for that day and for the rest of the week.  I cannot imagine paying for 6 weeks worth of Physical Therapy!  As of today, the PT and the WC people have not communicated, so my knee will have to stay in the unsettled state it is in.

Wish me luck that the two agencies will communicate with each other!
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