Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving Again: 30 Day Challenge - Day 13

Somewhere I'd Like to Move or Visit

I moved to Utah in March of this year and before I was moved into the Apartment my father and I took a trip into Reno, Nevada.  We had a lot of fun, but we also wanted to look around the Carson City area and see if there was a particular spot that we would want to move to. 

I fell in love with the Sierra Mountains as a young girl, through my teenager years, and still love the mountains as an adult.  The perfect place, ideally, would be in a small town, nestled in the mountains with a lake close by...perhaps, Bridgeport, CA.  Then logic kicks in and I know how much I enjoy movie theaters, pizza, and a few other things.  Bridgeport, along with many other towns in the Sierra mountains, are tiny! 

I thought about Lake Tahoe, but I wouldn't survive all the snow.  This year they received over 700 inches of snow!  That would be torture.  In the lower altitude, they get snow, but it does not stick around for long.  I lived close to Buffalo, New York and am no stranger to snow, but am not really fond of it.

My goal when I moved into Utah was not to stay here for a long time.  I promised a few family members I would stay and help my sister and brother-in-law with the children, wait for their baby to be born, then start saving money again to move to a different area.  Within the next several months, if everything goes well, I'll be blogging from the Sierra Mountains rather than the Wasatch front in Utah. 

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