Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interesting Facts: 30 Day Challenge - Day 15

15 Interesting Facts about Me
  1. I love being in a car.  Since buying my car in January of 2010 I have put on about 20,000 miles.  The month I purchased it I wanted to test it out so my mother and I went to Washington, DC.
  2.  My love of road trips began early.  I have been to 47 of the 50 states and hope to get to Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii before too long.  
  3. I should not be here typing this blog today.  In July of 2006 I was on stairs that collapsed, had my Dad and brother-in-law lift the stairs off of my sternum, and proceeded inside.  I blacked out, came back to, told my family I loved them, blacked out again... and stopped breathing. 
  4. My cars have been in seven accidents, I have yet to be in one.  Each time my car is hit, it is parked.  Only two people have let me know they hit it.  Due to this, I get comprehensive insurance my car would be better off dead.
  5. I am a twin and have a sister that is 21 months older than me.  Recently, someone came up really excited when they saw my older sister and I and asked us what it feels like to be twins and told us how lucky we are.
  6. I saw a real life police chase when I was doing some Family History research in Rochester, New York with my Mom and twin.  I heard several police cruisers, saw a guy jump out of a moving car, saw a few police officers running, one jumped into the car to stop it and he did within feet of it hitting another car.  It did not occur to me that I could be in danger until the guy ran passed me.  
  7. I was approached by a man at a gas station that wanted money from me.  I told him I did not have any (because I did not) and my Mom was in the car so I did not direct him toward the car for my credit cards and such.  He became agitated really fast and started coming toward me.  In the most firm voice I could muster I said, "If you come one step closer I will spray you with the gasoline!"  He backed off and I proceeded to get into the car very fast!
  8. President Ronald Reagan read a letter I wrote to him when I was in elementary school in one of his addresses to the nation.  My teacher and several other people told me about it.
  9. I have vertigo quite badly and cannot go up escalators that are not enclosed.  If I see a moving objects below me, I feel as if I am going to plummet off the escalator.  Don't even get me started on glass elevators!
  10. I coached a soccer team for children that were 4 and 5.  It was a great summer!
  11. I helped my sister gather information to publish a book.  I am proud that I assisted a published author.
  12. I won an ipad 2 within the past few months at a twitter party.
  13. I might just be the oldest person that is afraid of what is lurking in the dark.  My brother-in-law that I live with announced that we should start turning the hallway light out at night because none of the children are afraid of the dark and started laughing when my sister let him know that we leave the hallway light on for me.
  14. I moved on a whim to help my sister out with her children.  I gave 8 weeks notice at my job so they could find and train my replacement and moved out to Utah without a plan.  It has worked out very well!  
  15. I do not own any CDs, DVDs, a MP3 player, or video games.  
What is an interesting fact about you that you would like to share with me and everyone else that reads this? 

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