Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Make Tab Groups in Firefox for Easier Browsing

I am an avid Firefox user and with my newest upgrade came one of the tools that will make browsing faster and easier!  Tab groups were installed and, after playing, I am in love!
Tab Groups are easier to make than to explain.  Once you have downloaded the newest Firefox update (6.0.1) and it is installed, open up a few tabs, perhaps two social media and two web email accounts.  Now use the ctrl + shift + e shortcut.  Once this window opens, keep the social media thumbnails in the first window, then drag an email thumbnail off to the right.  This will open up a new box and you can drag the rest of the email thumbnails to this box now too.

At the top of the boxes there is a little pencil.  Click on that to label your different groups.  To exit, click on one of the thumbnails and it will take you to the tab group that the thumbnail you picked is in.

Once the tab groups window has closed, there will be a new icon to the right of your opened tabs.  Click on that icon to switch between your groups or use the shortcut ctrl + shift + e.

Different groups may be made using the same method above. I started with my social media and email groups then added a blog and streaming video group.  The possibilities are endless!

The part that I do not like about the tab groups is they are easily changed if you close one of the tabs while browsing.  If you open a tab group then close out of a tab, then exit the browser, the tab that you closed out of will be deleted from the group.  It can easily be added again, but if you keep the original tabs open, then open up additional tabs to browse and remember to close those before exiting then your groups won't change. 

Let me know if you love the tabs as much as I do!

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