Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Questions Friday

blog meme

1.  What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?  The default ringtone I have set is jazzy tone, my families' ringtone is crazy dream, and some people go straight to voicemail without hearing a ringtone.  (I love that setting on my phone where I don't need to hear my phone ring for people I'd rather not talk to!)

2.  What is your favorite memory from this summer?  This summer was full of some pretty good memories!  My sister and I flew home to surprise everyone (Mom knew we were coming) and their reactions were priceless!  I have 3 siblings that live in my hometown, a few nieces and a nephew, and my parents!  It was sooo good to see my family members for a little over a week.

3.  Paper books or ebooks?  I really don't read as much as I should, but I have never tried an ebook.  I enjoy reading, I just never go out and buy myself a book or borrow books.

4.  If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why?  This is simple!  I would want my own place to live rather than living with family.  I think that time will come soon!  Darn economy!!

5.  When was your first serious boyfriend?  My first serious boyfriend was when I was 24.  I adored him and wish I would have been a little more intelligent when it comes to relationships. Oh well, life goes on...

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