Monday, September 19, 2011

Favorite Toys: 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7

My Favorite Childhood Toys

legos were my favorite toy
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 I do not remember playing with much growing up.  I lived in Houston, TX until I was 7 and I remember playing outside a lot with the children that lived down the block.  When we moved to Southwestern New York state, the playing outside continued in the Spring and Fall with the children across the street and a few doors down.

When I did play, I remember having Legos.  Legos are still something that I like to try to build with today if I get around a set.  There are endless opportunities and so many vivid colors.  I have always liked to try to create and build.

My ex-husband had an even greater love of Legos than I ever had.   He bought sets that you could make into a sort of electronic and move in different ways.  He was a Lego genius.  I never touched his Legos out of fear of losing one.  There are just some things that cannot be shared I suppose.

What toys do you remember playing with growing up?  Do you have any memories of these toys? 
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