Saturday, September 17, 2011

Comfort Foods: 30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 5

comfort food buffet
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My Favorite Comfort Foods and Why

You know how some people crave sweet, or salty, bread, or cheese, or whatever?  I crave EVERYTHING when I need comfort.  Give me some wheat thins and cheese, or Milk Duds, Jujubes and Lemonheads mixed together, or just let me eat all the cheesy breadsticks I want.  I wish that I had a particular go to for comfort, but whatever is in the store, and is grabbing my attention at the time, will go into my mouth.

There is no particular reason for why I pick a particular comfort food.  I have no idea what even possesses me to go to the store knowing I am in a total comfort food mode.  I will tell you that when I sit down with any comfort food and a soda that I do successfully finish both and then need more comfort food for making myself even fatter.

Will the cycle of comfort foods ever end?  I hope not, but I hope to someday narrow it down to one comfort food session a week instead of every time I am bored, mad, hurt, or just am in some kind of comfort food mood!

What is your favorite comfort food?  What type of mood are you usually in when you eat that food?
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